Supra wallpapers

Now i have done a new supra wallpaper photoshop design in several different screen resolutions. If you like toyota supras, go ahead and download my photoshop wallpaper of my own supra MK3 car and a suprafriends blue car too.

supra wallpaper
Download supra wallpapers in your screen-resolution here:
All photoshop supra wallpapers is in JPG format and zipped

1. supra-sky-wallpaper-1024×
2. supra-sky-wallpaper-1280×
3. supra-sky-wallpaper-1280×
4. supra-sky-wallpaper-1440×
5. supra-sky-wallpaper-1680×

These photoshop designs – supra sky wallpapers – featuring two toyota supra MK3 is free for personal use but may not be included anywhere else without my written permission. All designs done in photoshop by zooloo 2007. Enjoy! :)

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