Supra wallpaper

This is a just a preview of my series of designs showcasing the legendary Toyota Supra cars. Many designs will be awailable in popular resolutons at my coming Supra tribute website wich will be loaded with all gen supra galleries, info, wallpapers and teeshirt designs.

zooloo Supra wallpapers

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6 kommentarer till Supra wallpaper

  1. zooloo skriver:

    This is just a preview of my coming designs of toyota supra / zooloo

  2. zippy skriver:

    Hot supra! Nice design

  3. darthmort skriver:

    Very, very nice design!! Please could you send this wallpaper to me if you don’t mind…?

  4. zooloo skriver:

    Hi! I will make a wallpaper of this desig later on and a bunch of new supra designs! Stay tuned :)

  5. darthmort skriver:

    Cool, thanks! Really can’t wait till this is on my desktop!!!

  6. oh man,, sweet design!!