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zooloo is back!

phew.. ok, some hacker tried to kill my site and i have had some trouble a few weeks with malicious code and my frontpage not working. I had it coming because i should have upgraded some components. Anyway i have … Läs mer

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QR code generator

A QR Code is a bar code that can be scanned using your camera phone and a QR Code Reader. You can easily create QR codes that serve as hyperlinks to mobile content. In many parts of the world the … Läs mer

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Spam poison

”I may be wright, and I may be wrong, but the Spam Poison link on top of my blog seems to have a very nice side-effect on the comment-spam; it looks like my blog is being blacklisted by the spammers … Läs mer

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WordPress custimization guide!

Ever felt like giving your wordpress blog a touch of your own design? Well if you spend your day thinking about it you really should read up at this great article where your typical wordpress themes secrets is exposed. Read … Läs mer

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Meta information

metainfo for www.zooloo.se made fresh with SEO-tool add-your-own-headers, a wordpress plugin that allows you to create different META information for each page. My mainpage Meta looks like this: <META NAME=”description” content=”My blog about Toyota Supra, photoshop plugin, wordpress, poleringsguide and … Läs mer

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I have spent my summer reading up on Search Engine Optimization – SEO. Its extremly interesting and SEO will be my best careermove alongside with my studies of creating smooth Web 2.0 websites. As a result of my new knowledge … Läs mer

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Start www.zooloo.se

Nu har jag äntligen fått igång det nya www.zooloo.se Här kommer finnas info om mina bilar, poleringsguide och webdesign. Nu anpassar jag WordPress CMS med bildgallerier och plugins efter mina behov. Tycker det fungera riktigt bra med WordPress, zooloo.

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zooloo startsida | poleringsguide | cars | CMS | wallpapers | galleri | sitemap

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