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Polishing aluminum

Polishing guide. If you want to make your engineparts and other stuff made in aluminum you can learn how to polish aluminum so the material shines like a mirror! Take a look at this great aluminum polishing guide. Have fun!

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zooloo is back!

phew.. ok, some hacker tried to kill my site and i have had some trouble a few weeks with malicious code and my frontpage not working. I had it coming because i should have upgraded some components. Anyway i have … Läs mer

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Today i listened to en new swedish pop/rock/punk band called ”Måndagsbarn”. Its a great band with some really great songs that feels honest, fresh and interesting. A cool mix of new sounds. Check them out and support their new CD … Läs mer

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Photoshop tutorials

Check out my Photoshop tutorials over at Photoshop-user.com

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Photoshop light effects

Making photoshop tutorials is something i will do in 2008. Mostly light effects, electric light and some petty cool light streaks and other photoshop trix. Playing with lights in photoshop is something i really enjoy. This is a piece i … Läs mer

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Supra wallpapers

Now i have done a new supra wallpaper photoshop design in several different screen resolutions. If you like toyota supras, go ahead and download my photoshop wallpaper of my own supra MK3 car and a suprafriends blue car too. Download … Läs mer

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Online Image Manipulation

www.wiredness.com is a really cool online image manipulation tool ”Quick and easy browser based online image manipulation and photo editing developed by Simon Hargraves”. The whole idea is that you can upload images from your desktop or as a url, … Läs mer

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The Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. Its’ primary role is to make web designer’s life easier. As the new fonts are bundled into operating systems, the list of the common fonts will … Läs mer

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Free photoshop icons

Its always good to have really great resources when designing new cool stuff in photoshop. Especially when making different kinds of web-interfaces and similar designs. Anyway, there is tons of really supercool icon designs awailable that you can throw into … Läs mer

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10 masters of photoshop

”Discover pure design talents and let yourselfs be inspired by artist that creates breathtaking artworks and displayes their artistry to anyone who has a momentin time to spare. Extreme eyecandy and truly inspirational pixel art done by photoshop users around … Läs mer

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