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Photoshop tutorials

Spoonfed photoshop tutorials has som fancy and easy to follow tutorials. Well described and a zipped PSD for those who like. 8 useful photoshop tutorials in an clean website. manybe less is more after all Go have a looksee if … Läs mer

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Pics of my Supra

Finally i had som time to post some pics of my -89 toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo. I´m using nextgen gallery, a really nice wordpress gallery. Unfortunatley i did not have time to enjoy my car this summer, but i will … Läs mer

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WordPress custimization guide!

Ever felt like giving your wordpress blog a touch of your own design? Well if you spend your day thinking about it you really should read up at this great article where your typical wordpress themes secrets is exposed. Read … Läs mer

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Meta information

metainfo for www.zooloo.se made fresh with SEO-tool add-your-own-headers, a wordpress plugin that allows you to create different META information for each page. My mainpage Meta looks like this: <META NAME=”description” content=”My blog about Toyota Supra, photoshop plugin, wordpress, poleringsguide and … Läs mer

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Graffiti creator

Like graffitti but have no talent? Let www.graffiticreator.net do it for you! The Graffiti Creator generate your own graffiti styled texts online. It is fast, easy and requires no download. Go play!

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This is a great site if you want to learn ”how to do” by tutorials for adobe photoshop: http://www.eyesondesign.net

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Flash maps by satellite photo

If you like zooming in on your house or city, or if you do have a hard time finding a destination, you may find this page useful: www.flashearth.com Go play with eight different sources displaying our fine planet =)

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I have spent my summer reading up on Search Engine Optimization – SEO. Its extremly interesting and SEO will be my best careermove alongside with my studies of creating smooth Web 2.0 websites. As a result of my new knowledge … Läs mer

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